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May Is National Save Your Tooth Month

There is no tooth substitute that looks, feels or functions exactly like your own teeth. This is why the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) is committed to creating awareness for saving your natural teeth, dedicating the month of May to root canal awareness as well as recognizing endodontists, the people who save teeth for a living.

Our experienced team supports this goal and likewise recommends that you “treasure your natural teeth.”

To Extract or Not to Extract

The AAE’s goal is to empower people to enlist the help of root canal specialists when they encounter tooth pain. If a tooth pulp is inflamed or infected, a root canal treatment will remove the infection, clean and disinfect the inside of the tooth and then fill the space with a rubber-like filling material. A crown or filling will then be placed to protect and fully restore the tooth.

It may seem easier to extract an infected, diseased tooth, but it opens the door to many problems. Missing teeth allow remaining teeth to shift into the gaps left behind, resulting in problems such as jaw misalignment. Replacing missing teeth costs more money and time with additional dental visits. Saving a damaged tooth is a healthier, more effective approach.

With technological advances in endodontic techniques and anesthesia, it’s easier than ever to save a damaged tooth, and our doctor can make your root canal and recovery time virtually painless. These days, patients comparing a root canal to a tooth extraction are six times more inclined to say that it is painless!

Preserving Your Smile

So, how hard is it to keep your teeth? Consistent daily brushing and flossing – paired with biannual dental checkups and cleanings – can usually keep your teeth healthier for a very long time, especially if you maintain a balanced diet and limit sugary foods and drinks.

We recommend the following when you have trouble with a tooth:

  • If you are told you have a choice between getting a tooth pulled or having root canal therapy, choose root canal therapy. Artificial tooth replacements such as bridges, dentures and implants don’t always look, feel and work the same as your natural teeth.
  • If you have a painful, swollen area around a tooth, don’t ignore it! Our skilled team can work with you to get you in as quickly as possible.
  • If your dentist wants to pull the tooth, inquire about root canal therapy. If your dentist still says no or you want a second opinion, consider seeing our team for confirmation.

Remember, it’s in your best interest to treasure your natural teeth. If you would like to learn more or schedule a consultation, we welcome you to call our team today!